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Clean power for all is a worthwhile cause.

According to an international study conducted in over 40 countries, a high percentage of employees consider their job meaningless. Working at Sungrow is not just useful, it's vital because you're working for something the world craves: Clean power for all.

A just cause with fringe benefits.

If saving our planet isn't reason enought to start working at Sungrow's, maybe other benefits will convince you to join us. Our pragmatic, open and pleasant corporate culture attracts talents worldwide.?

As does Sungrow's dynamic development. Due to the rapid international expansion of the company, job entry and development are possible worldwide. Solar power is available and needed all over the world.

These are the added benefits of working for something you believe in - clean power for all.

What is more sustainable than investing your ideas, your energy and your work time on making our little planet sustainable for the many generations that will follow us? Working at Sungrow is not only a job, it is a mission that will fill you with satisfaction every day.
A good work atmosphere and team-oriented culture are conducive to great results and personal well-being. To preserve and protect this atmosphere we rely on a set of principles that govern our behavior and interactions. These include openness, fairness, and a democratic and pragmatic approach to all challenges.
To aid you in your personal development and growth, Sungrow offers you the opportunity to join the 'Sunflower Program.' The program consists of various job-based training courses that combine external training, outsourced training and internal training programs.
With solar power being in great demand worldwide, Sungrow’s trajectory is very positive indeed. The company’s growth and expansion offer many opportunities and job offerings in our offices worldwide.

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