world-leading integrated energy storage system solutions.

With cutting-edge renewable energy power conversion and lithium battery technology, Sungrow is leading the development and manufacturing of integrated energy storage system solutions. Sungrow's core technologies, such as its PCS, Li-Ion batteries, and energy management systems, are designed to meet the demanding requirements in residential, commercial and utility-scale applications to provide clean power for all.


For over 22 years, our products and solutions have been successfully deployed in domestic and overseas projects ranging from islands and high altitude plateaus to ports and residential installations. Sungrow is also proud to be part of numerous wind and solar projects aimed at improving the dispatch ability of renewable energy, assisting in primary frequency regulation, and solving electricity supply challenges in remote parts of the world.

Sungrow is rapidly becoming the world-leading supplier of energy storage equipment and system solutions and is fully committed to continuing to invest in engineering research and innovation to provide world-class energy storage products and solutions for a more sustainable world.

Sungrow's AC bus solution is ideal for large-scale solar power plants. It offers centralized management with a traceable dispatch schedule for improving on-grid controllability. Peak shifting in industrial/commercial centralized charge and discharge mode allows for the highest grid stability. The Sungrow DC bus solution comes with highly flexible configuration options that allow for convenient and flexible upgrades of centralized solar power plants utilizing centralized inverter systems. You benefit from high efficiency at very low ESS expense.
Sungrow's primary and secondary frequency regulation function monitors the energy generation for frequency deviations and allows for peak load cutting. With a response time measured in milliseconds, all AGC dispatch orders are executed extremely quickly and very precisely to greatly improve the frequency and voltage stability of the grid.
Ideal for remote areas without any electricity and with multiple power sources (i.e. wind, solar), micro-grids offer many economic benefits as a remote power supply. Operation costs are kept to a minimum because of maintenance-free design and a centralized management labor. Its AC bus offers centralized management, high efficiency and the flexibility to integrate different renewable power sources without having to update the transmission network. The DC bus comes with flexible configuration options, short switch times between on-grid/off-grid mode, easy system extensibility and a modular design for flexible capacity. This is ideal for fuel savings when used as a micro-grid power supply.


Gansu Jinchang 100MW Photovoltaic Power Plant

Storage solutions or solar batteries allow you to use the solar power that is generated during the day at night. Sungrow offers storage solutions in many sizes.?Take a look.