Sungrow to support China’s 202.86MW/202.86MWh PV-plus-storage UHV project

Tue, 05/19/2020 - 23:24

Hefei, China, May 19, 2020 -- Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, recently announced that it is supplying PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems to a 202.86MW/202.86MWh PV-plus-storage project in Northwest China’s Qinghai Province, partnering with Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., another milestone in building up PV-plus-storage landscape globally.

Technologically advanced “PV+ESS” solution

This project is located in a vast desert that is becoming a hub of mounting solar plants and one of China’s electricity transmission basesapplying UHV (Utra High Voltage) technology to tranfer the electricity from west to east across the nation in a bid to maximize the consumption of clean energy.

Huanghe Hydropower, the leading renewable energy entity, is playing a pivotal role in the multi-energy complementary field of water, wind, solar and storage and sets stringent requirements in terms of the innovation of the PV-plus-storage technology. As a response, Sungrow provides the tailor-made PV-plus-storage solution, comprising of the integrated energy storage system and the world's most powerful 1500V string inverter SG250HX (namely SG225HX in China), which enable a competitive cost, easy O&M and a shorter construction duration.

Embedded with the sub-array energy management function, the solution can control the smooth output of the solar and storage,improving the prediction accuracy of solar generation and increasing clean energy consumption. The customized AC-coupled low-voltage design can guarantee cost-savings for the customer. Furthermore, the flexibly built microgrid system with Sungrow PV and energy storage system is able to supply electricity in the early construction period and slash the construction time.

“We value Sungrow ’s compelling global PV and energy storage track records and professionalism of the team. In this landmark project, Sungrow is the first ever company to pass the functional test of the synergizing control of both PV and energy storage system in regard of the energy management system,” commented a spokesperson from Huanghe Hydropower.

Creating the future of “1+1 > 2”

"The LCOE will continue to decrease if growing innovative PV technologies are applied. The energy storage applications are getting to be more cost-saving when more integrated energy storage systems are created. Looking forward to the post grid-parity era, PV will be deeply integrated with energy storage technology and highly support the stability of the grid,” said Jack Gu, Senior Vice President of Sungrow, when asked about the trend of the PV-plus-storage segment.

The integration of PV and energy storage is not a simple and mechanical combination of PV and ESS system, but the deep analysis and integration of the whole system, so as to achieve a leap forward of ‘1+1 > 2’ in terms of efficiency and performance," he added.

As one of the pioneers in the industry to implement PV-plus-storage technology, Sungrow has participated in over 900 energy storage projects as of December 2019, of which PV-plus-storage projects spread across the United States, China, Japan, the UK, Maldives, Australia, Africa and other major regions. Indeed, all projects are running stably with zero safety accidents.

About Sungrow

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