SC2500U | North America PCS

Available for

North America

High Yield

  • Advanced three-level technology, max. efficiency 98.8%
  • Effective forced air cooling,no derating up to 122°F
  • Wide DC voltage operation window, flexible for battery?configuration

ESS Applications

  • Typical applations: peak shaving,energy shifting,?frequency regulation, capacity firming
  • Compatible with high voltage battery system, low?system cost
  • Bidirectional power conversion system with full fourquadrant?operation
  • Battery charge & dis-charge management and black?start function integrated

Easy O&M

  • Integrated current & voltage monitoring function for?online analysis and fast trouble shooting
  • Low transportation and installation cost due to 10-?foot container design
  • Modular design, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Integrated auxiliary power supply panels for external devices

Grid Support

  • Compliant with UL1741, UL1741 SA, IEEE1547,?California Rule 21
  • Dynamic grid voltage and frequency support
  • L/HVRT, L/HFRT, soft start/stop, specified power?factor control and reactive power support