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A lovely home made of sunshine.

It is possible to leave fossil fuels behind you. Go solar. With the right kind amount of PV panels on your roof and a Sungrow inverter in your basement, you're set to give ever-rising electricity bills the cold shoulder.

Free yourself from fossil power.

Once you decide to go clean you'll be surprised how easy the transition to solar power really is. Sungrow's cutting-edge residential solutions offer stellar efficiency as well as the highest level of safety and reliability with built-in surge arresters and residual current protection.

Push-in connectors and lightweight design make a hassle-free installation a no-brainer. Free and feature-rich monitoring via web & app allows you to operate your little power station with ease from your living room or anywhere else for that matter.

Installing a PV plant in your home is not just ecological, it is smart thinking. And what is even better, it pays for itself over time because in most cases it will generate more electricity than you use. Just sell surplus power from your solar plant to the grid. There's no better way to invest at times of low-interest rates.
When you are producing your own electricity a couple of things will change. Because you will no longer depend on the volatile market of utility prices you will miss the annual price hike of your local power company. And you will have the warm feeling of doing the right thing for our climate and our future.
The sun gives us infinite energy. Just three hours of sunshine each day are enough to cover the global demand for electricity. So if you own a roof what's stopping you from saying goodbye to fossil fuels? Solar power is 100% renewable and ensures a clean future for you and all who follow.

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