sungrow - our enviroment

We want our environment to profit from us.

As a company, we are part of a social and cultural environment. That's why actively promote and aide our employees' professional development.

Say what you believe in - do what you say.

For us it's common sense to give back to society. Sungrow actively participates in social welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, donations to schools and earthquake relief, and continuously enhance the professionalism and sustainability of public welfare practices.?

Sungrow's PV poverty alleviation program helped over?300,000 poverty-stricken households and?2,200 poor villages across the country. All 12 campus caring power stations were connected to the grid for power generation.

Sungrow takes social responsibility very seriously. That is why we donate to schools and support projects for poverty alleviation.
A company reflects the society from which it emerged. According to this understanding, we have defined central rules and values for our company. These include openness, inclusion and fair competition, anti-discriminatory principles and the active promotion of the personal development of our employees.
There are often various ways to achieve any one objective: an easy way and a more complicated, but appropriate, way. We follow our principles in all our decisions - this is the cleanest solution in the long term.